Friday, April 6, 2012

Bike Party!

SF Bike Party is tonight, the first Friday of the month. When people ask what it is I say, "It's like Critical Mass but awesome."

I sense that most people don't catch the commentary because they just hear Critical Mass and bristle. And I don't really blame them. The spirit of Critical Mass is more of a protest and a political statement, but it's often delivered in an inflammatory way -- people on bikes harassing, taunting and provoking drivers just because for once bikers have the numbers to do so with relative impunity. It never really felt good to identify with a community that unofficially condoned that kind of action.

Apparently lots of people agreed with me, and a much more peacin'-lovin'-dancin'-San-Francisco style community ride called SF Bike Party was born. We dress in costumes, we play loud music, we follow all the traffic rules and let cars pass. We're love-makin'-not-war-makin' on bikes.

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