Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bearded Lady

Did she look like this? Maybe not exactly.
But the goatee and hair are spot on.
I saw a bearded lady on the bus this morning. It was actually more of a goatee, though. A pretty cool one. And I started thinking that if I could grow a beard, it would be cool to go around with a beard.

I don't imagine many people would agree with me. But think about it. Men who can grow hair on their faces like to landscape it. Why not women?

I was a bit surprised that it didn't take much for me to decide that gal-beards might be cool. This woman had her hair cut short and spiky. The goatee matched well. It didn't say feminine, to be sure. She wasn't really going for feminine. But it did say, "I've thought about it, and the goatee works. And I don't really give a shit what you think, so stop staring, you rude freak."

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