Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sax In A Tunnel

Admit it, you're reading this post because you thought it said sex in a tunnel.

No such luck for you, but I was lucky enough to catch this guy on my bike ride today out to Point Bonita. He was playing saxophone in a tunnel at the top of Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands. The acoustics were incredible, and I shot a short video of him (below).

It turns out that I caught a lot of noise from the wind, too, so what you hear isn't as spectacular as the real deal.

(Coincidentally, he was riffing from A Few of My Favorite Things, and my last post was titled Three of My Favorite Things, though none of my lists included saxophones or tunnels.)

Sometimes I come across a street performer whose music feels like a gift. The guy missed some notes but the sound of the sax in the tunnel was so deep and melancholy. I wanted to drop a couple of dollars in his bucket but he didn't have one. He was there out of love.

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