Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Tiny Step Forward

This is old news by now, six hours later: The Supreme Court upholds the individual mandate and pretty much all of the Affordable Care Act. Yes we did!

In the scheme of things, Obamacare is only a tiny step towards what needs to be done to reform our health care system. I won't make this my grand forum for arguing about that, but today is only radical in the sense that it beat back rabid opposition to the miniscule progress the Act makes towards equitable and quality health care. We're still a long way from universal, from affordable, and from reform.

But every hard-fought victory is worth celebrating no matter how seemingly small, so today, I say hooray, and walk with a wide grin.

Here is the giddy white board at work, an office full of health policy wonks:

Most importantly: Champagne after panel session tomorrow!

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