Friday, May 4, 2012

Things Thai People Like

Work consists of reading lots and lots of articles about needle exchange programs implemented in different countries to prevent HIV infection. Today I was scrolling through a long report about programs that try to minimize risks associated with injection drug use, and this photo caught my eye:

The caption on the photo says, "Thai activists in a moment of celebration at a harm reduction training in Bangkok."

I think anyone who has ever been at a work-related event in Thailand will instantly recognize that the photo is not "a moment of celebration." It's a bunch of Thai people singing karaoke. Because no gathering - professional or otherwise - in Thailand is complete without a whole lot of karaoke. (And usually whiskey.)

Then again, I suppose that qualifies as a moment of celebration.

Screenshot source: IHRD (2008). Harm Reduction Developments 2008. New York: International Harm Reduction Development
Program of the Open Society Institute.

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