Saturday, April 24, 2010

Duped, New York Style

This is the last time I'll talk about Megan and the douchebag in Madison Square Park. Why? Because my friend's theory is that the whole thing was a viral marketing stunt. It makes sense. She said she saw him yesterday too, but during lunch. As she pointed out, there was something just a little too polished about the guy. And something a little too big about the sign. Plus, who stands outside ALL DAY in a suit like that?

Well, I fell for it. I told at least three people about it, and I blogged about it. Fortunately less than ten people read my blog.

Glad I didn't take a picture.


steph said...

what the hell would the marketing be for? i once watched some show eons ago where some perpetrator was required to stand out in public holding a sign that they were guilty of some illegal activity. something like shoplifting, and apparently "studies have shown" that public humiliation is a huge, gimungo deterrent. for instance, if i had to hold a sign up in union square that read, "i binge eat when i'm nervous" then i might stop doing it!

steph said...

ps - what's your two degree separation from my beloved joshua bell, btw? i MUST know.

Jon Kroll said...

Don't feel too bad -- the NYT was duped also: