Sunday, November 29, 2009

East To Heathens

The last thing I want to do right now is go back to New York and the highly irritating world I inhabit there. The first thing I'm doing tomorrow is going back to New York and the highly irritating world I inhabit there.

So, Day 7 was also pretty shitty but it's also Day 1 of no longer counting days after or until something. Buddha or Yoda or some other squat fat fellow must have a saying. "Only now matters." I mean, even the most enlightened yogis know that's not entirely true if you are also trying to function normally in the world. But it's nice to have those moments when you make only now matter. It's when I'm like, "Oo, take that, world. I stopped everything but now. I see you as you really are. I've won!" Enlightenment is all about winning.

Squirrels are so cute. I adore fat, fuzzy, stupid creatures. It even spilled over into my dating life.


Ebony said...

i hope you feel better every day. whatever sucky crap you're going through hasn't killed your sense of humor. you made ME laugh.

Faith said...

Hi Justina! I've subscribed to you on Google Reader (once I finally figured the thing out) and was very very sad to click on Mama Kelele and hear you've been going through some (to put it mildly it seems) boy-related misery. So sorry to hear it...but thank you for writing about it. Your blog both inspires and intimidates me, writing-wise :-) Thinking of you! They can't bring us PopFam girls down so easily...!

Justina said...

Awww...thanks to both of you for all the love. I miss you Faith!! Are you still in the Phillipines? Please blog again. I loved your posts from Uganda.